We, at Forever4Life Club, perform AMQAT (automatic magnetic-quantum analysis) of complete health, through an apparatus that operates on the principle of a combination of magnetic resonance imaging and application of very low-intensity electric current, below the threshold of perception. This method of testing the spectrum of health care is non-invasive, fast and accurate and is particularly suitable for accurately determining the effect of dietary supplements on the current state of health of the organism. This method is not a substitute for medical examination and replacement of medical procedures but it can provide guidance and through this method we can monitor the course of certain conditions and diseases. The report is given in about 55 areas of the human body, of which we will list the most important:

  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function
  • Function of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Liver and gallbladder function (A/G, TBIL, ALP, TBA, DBIL)
  • Colon function
  • Pancreatic function (insulin, polypeptides, glucagon)
  • Kidney function (urobilinogen, urea, uric acid, proteinuria ..)
  • Lung function and vital capacity
  • Functionality of cranial (brain) nerves
  • Bone state (bone matrix with building material, matrix, rheumatoid predispositions …)
  • Blood sugar status and functional disorders (diabetes, polyneuropathies, visual disturbance …)
  • Vitamin, oligomineral, coenzyme and collagen concentrations throughout the body
  • Status of endocrine glands with special reference to thyroid
  • Function of the body’s immune mechanism
  • Depots of toxins and their concentrations
  • Allergic evaluation
  • Skin health
  • Functionality of the eyes (circadian rhythm, sleep disorders …)
  • Prostate status (men) or reproductive organs in women
  • Breast function and disorder in women

And many others with combinations, comparisons and the like.

Prices: Initial examination with physical examination 50,00 €, control examination 25,00 €
Registered Forever customers are entitled to free analysis while using the suggested products (minimum 4-6 months).


The report is issued in electronic format and is available to the client on a separate website anytime You might need it.