Owner of International Forever Living customer card has next privileges: discount from 15-48% of retail price, right to free MD’s advices and consultations, supplying products directly from the Company’s representative office with a achieved rebate. In order for the card to be activated, it is necessary to make the first purchase in the amount of 66,00 € in RSD equivalent at the NBS middle exchange rate on the day of purchase.

       First purchase You can make anytime by ordering Tripack Forever Aloe Combo Pack or any other combination of products, by clicking on the flag of country You’re settled in the moment so You are going to be transfered directly to the website of Forever Living in selected country or You can fill in the form by clicking the button “FILL IN THE FORM” so You will be contacted by us as soon as possible.

Click on the flag of the Country where You want to register Your International Card


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