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Exactly 2 years ago (2018 in April) I ordered Vital 5 pack after having thoroughly studied all the experiences. I had a problem with psoriasis that just appeared as a pair of rough elbow fields, very quickly spread to half elbow. I was looking for what could help me, came across Forever4Life and called them. They recommended this to me and I bought it. I drank three packs, persistently spraying First and lubricating tons of Propolis cream from Forever. During the fourth pack, changes began to recede, to make the skin smooth again, and after a total of 7 months, my doctor confirmed that I did not have psoriasis even though she did not know how. I told her she was from Aloe and she told me that she knew that Aloe had healing effects, but that she did not know that psoriasis can resolve this quickly and permanently. Thank you Aloja, Forever Living, the Forever4Life team advisors, and thank myself for believing that there was another source of healing than just the official medicine that offered me no cure but they only masked my illness for a few days per month.

Antoniadis Elena, Larissa, Greece
Antoniadis ElenaCustomer

I have been suffering from psoriasis for years. There is nothing I have tried - all sorts of treatments in the salons, babes with their natural balms. Everyone took the money, claimed that it would be "taken away by hand" and I did not have any other changes from my wallet.

Lela's friend, a roommate in an apartment in Belgrade, calls me at her studies, knowing about my longstanding problem and tells me that she was at a presentation of some products based on Aloe Vera in her hometown of Krusevac. She listened to various things, but one lady told how she had resolved her psoriasis on her elbows and hands after 25 years. She used so-called green cream, Aloe gel, royal jelly tablets from nuts that feed on Aloe Vera and so on.

She took the business card of the organizer (Nedic Nikola) and passed it on to me. I called him right away, stated my problem, and he told me he couldn't promise me anything, but that he was aware of more cases. Money was not a problem for me. I paid for two creams, Aloe gel and milk pills all together for about a month about € 100 and started. I was with Nicole all the time, asking different things. He was telling me to be patient and persistent. After 17 days, I wanted to quit because I didn't notice anything. He made me persevere (read I thought he just wanted my money like everyone else) and before the end of the month a miracle happened - I got up one morning, I think it was the 29th day of use and my psoriasis was gone. No scars, no redness ... I thought I was dreaming. I woke Lela and didn't want to, called Nicholas, Mom, Brother and told everyone she was gone.

I continued for about two more months and after that I only take vitamins and Aloe Gel daily.

Thanks Nikola! Thanks Lela! Thanks Forever!


Jovana Milenkovic
Jovana Milenkovic, Majdanpek-SerbiaForever Living Customer

At the recommendation of my friend, I founded information about Forever Living Products and when I was on the verge of living or letting myself go to the "destiny", I decided to try these products and here I am with you right now. Namely, in 2012, in Athens, Greece, where I grew up and where I live my whole life, I reported to my gynecologist because, with breaks for about a month I have very severe bleeding that does not resemble my, otherwise, abnormal periods. He looked at me and said that everything is fine, but that if such bleeding continues, to come again. I came back three days later and I've been lost in pain. He looked at me, placed me in an ambulance car immediately and drove me to the Emergency Gynecology Clinic. Two days later, I was diagnosed with cancer of the uterine cervix after exhaustive examinations, biopsies, blood analysis and many other shots. The diagnosis was more than clear and I convey it in its entirety as I got it:

CA cervicis uteri; Neoplasma malignum cervicis-limites uteri transiens G3-IVB.

It was written on the hospital list on my bed and the doctor at the Clinic told me that morning that everything would be fine and that he would come later to talk to me. I went mad because nobody paid attention to me. His arrival came only the next day where he explained that there is no possibility to be cured, that the cancer isn't surgically operable, that I had metastases on the bones, in the liver, in the lungs, and that almost all lymph nodes were affected and only he did not tell me "go home and wait for death to come for you. " He suggested some palliative methods, but it did not reach my brain. Then I broke up with it, I said that I wanted to live, to marry, to give birth to children and to enjoy life. I was looking for a dispatch list with my express disagreement with any further procedure, at the price to die at the same moment.

Later, I talked to my friend and at the same moment he told me that he had heard from a colleague whose wife healed using Aloe Vera. At that moment I caught up with it, looked at Google and found Forever4Life and contacted their team. I went in their office in Athens for a review, talked to doctors working there and told me that the situation is very serious, but that I am young (then I was 25) and that I can do it. Money was not important to me ... and I went home with a full set of products and great instructions and plans.

I used Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Berry Nectar 3 times a day for 80 ml (one day AV Gel, the other day Berry Nectar and a circle), Lycium Plus 3x1 tablet daily, A-Beta-Care 3x1 capsule daily, Immublend 3x1, Propolis tablets 3x1 , Aloe Herbal Tea per bag of about 2.5 liters of water and I drank it all day, in the vagina itself I sprayed several times a day First, and when it dried, I put Green Gelly, and every night I put one homemade vaginal tablet made from Propolis creme (I curl the cream into aluminum foil and refrigerated in the freezer until used).

After 4-5 days, severe bleeding and pain stopped. After three weeks, the first control and examination was performed by a gynecologist. Then he told me that there was a regression on my cervix, but that it did not have to mean anything, and I was doing tumor markers again, which were down by about 35% compared to the hospital results. The doctors at Forever4Life told me that the results were excellent and encouraged me to continue. I started to walk more than before, to hang out more than before and to live as if I were not ill. For the next 4 weeks, I did not want to go to control, I wanted to see if there was a change. I noticed that I have a normal menstrual periods that I never had, that I do not have any extraordinary bleeding, that I eat better and I'm feeling much better in general. After these months, or in total of almost 2 months, the gynecologist said that something was "wrong" and asked me to do CT-SCAN again. I went, did it and doctors asked for a conscientious opinion. The result: THERE ARE NO ANY METASTASIS ANYWHERE and only two miniature scars were seen on the cervix. Tumor markers were negative, as if I did not have cancer, except one (TATI). TATI was 294 mg / L in the hospital 2 months earlier (reference value 0-21 mg / L), and now it was 24mg / L. Nobody knew how to explain to me, the consolation of 3 professors from Athens University and 2 assistants were astonished. Then I said that I did not go to any kind of therapy or official procedure of conventional medicine and only use Aloe Vera and various supplements and creams.

After a month and a half they said that I was healthy, that I was cured of cancer. No one wanted to write that I had not undergone any of the methods of official medicine, or that I used Aloe Vera only. What matters to me is that I am with everyone I love today, that I am a healthy girl and that I can do everything. I am a loyal user of Aloe Vera every day for last 7 years and I am ready to recommend everyone to use it, for anything in this world (any illness). I'm not saying that we do not need to go to a doctor, but it is not necessary to strictly stick to the medical opinion - and they are just people and can make mistakes. Thanks to the Forever4Life team, Forever Living Products, thanks to a few physicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists at bingeing, on the strength and on the nerves to persist with me. Thank you dear friends.

- Ariadny Chrisopoulou (1987), Forever Living Customer

Ariadny Chrisopoulou, Athens, Greece
Ariadny Chrisopoulou (1987)Forever Living Customer

I am a father of three children, but although good, sometimes very nauseous due to frequent respiratory tract infections in the time of ambrosia and spring growth of greenery and allergies. The older daughter had been the worst for years, so my wife and I, on the suggestion of a pneumologist and an allergist, bought the inhaler, which cost us a little wealth, but it helped her. Of course, there is no end, you need additional drops, oils, grease, distilled water, etc.

With Forever Living I met for the first time in 2014 through my colleague and I decided to try Aloe Vera gel, Forever Kids vitamins and Aloe First spray on his proposal. After about seven days, in the middle of a season of allergy, my wife and I, we were astounded that the older daughter was sleeping all night without any single bleeding. Since then, these products have been praised on all the mouths, and our entire family is a faithful Forever user. Now we can definitely say that we are protected and live healthy.

Thanks to Forever Living, Never and Forever4Life.rs

Family Grcic from Serbia
Family Grcic from SerbiaForever Living Customers

A few years ago, I began to feel burning and itching during my urination, and then, during sexual intercourse, some discomfort. I went to a gynecologist and found that I had several small condyloms on the inside of the vagina that caused itching. A few days later, on a friend's proposal, I bought Forever Propolis cream and used it according to the instructions. In about 3 months, I was in control of a gynecologist who asked me what I was doing with my problem, and I did not know what the issue was about. I said I used Forever Propolis cream right now. The doctor was delighted because there was not one, the only change on the skin and mucous membranes, and the next time I took her to look at the cream, which she recommends today to all her patients.

What I must say is that Forever Propolis Cream is not a magic wand that works "overnight", nor can you expect it. I was persistent, I used it every day at least 2-3 times a day. I rule the plugs, since I need the amount needed for the application of the aluminum foil and kept it in the freezer. I put the tablets I put into the vagina and my result is something I like to share with my friends.

Today, 6-7 years later, I am always returning to Propolis, and my sponsor says that I am the protective face of this product. Anyway, thanks to Forever and the people who recommended me.

Marko i Milica Ninic
Marko & Milica NinicForever Living Customers

My father was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the final part of the colon in 2016.

At that time I bought Aloe Berry Nectar, Immublend and Lycium at the recommendation. My father drank these products before the surgery, as well as during several chemotherapy and air treatments.

They asked me to take Aloe First and Blue Cream (Aloe Lotion) and to pay meals several times a day to the place of receiving therapy in that region. That year he used the preparations for about 4 months and his blood count was extraordinary, at the place where he was radiated he did not have any changes. There was a mild progression two years later (December 2018), and then we continued with Aloe Berry Nectar, Lycium and A-Beta-CarE for the next 6 to 8 months with the local application of Aloe First.

My dad feels great in addition to several series of chemotherapy, the blood picture is good and there are no side effects. His doctor was thrilled that he had no visible consequences and told us, and then I proudly said that my whole family uses Forever Living products.

Mirko Simonovic i Biljana Dragoslavic
Mirko Simonovic / Biljana Dragoslavic

In 2017, at the recommendation of my friend, I came to Nedic Dental Clinic and Predrag, I've contact them and asked for help for problems that I had in my mouth.

I was examined in a dental office, where after a short time of consultation with a dentist and a team of technicians I got an offer and a solution to my problem.

After several tests and final preparations, I got my new teeth, my new irresistible smile that I am proud of, which people used to say is my trademark. I would like to thank You for the excellent cooperation, quick and quality service and for everything that has been done by the entire team of Nedic Dental to me.

Krasic Zorica
Zorica KrasicPatient

They say they should start from the beginning. My beginning of motherhood couldn't have been more difficult for the next 3 years.

I was, to say the least, happy when I was told in 2010 that I would become a mother. The pregnancy was going well, all the tests were correct and the time of delivery came. It didn't last long, I endured everything, but right after giving birth, they took Jovana and told me they had to do some analysis so they would bring it to me. Everything went through my head, from child theft, bad news and the like, but I refrained. After a few hours, already in my room, an obstetrician came and gave birth to me and said that my baby was not well, but not to worry, because they take care of her. The agony is just beginning. Until morning, no one will tell me what to do next, what to do, I spent all night with my husband on the phone.

In the morning, an obstetrician came in with another doctor and told me that Jovana had something on her eye and Ablatio retinae cum rupture was written on the paper. He said the condition was dangerous, that he could remain blind for a lifetime, but that they would have to wait for a council to decide if it was strong enough to withstand surgery. I still couldn't see her, I lost milk that morning and she was fed there somewhere. It's been a whole day and I've been told he was going to surgery and couldn't tell me anything for 48 hours.

Everything passed, including the famous 48 hours. Then I was told that everything was well tolerated, that the eye was fine now, and that we could finally go home in 5-7 days. We went, all those daily activities around the baby, the games, the learning began, but it seemed to us that something was still going on, as if something was wrong with the sight. All controls showed great results, but we still cared. Jovana was growing up, and her concern was also because we were very sure she either didn't see or saw very poorly. We convinced ourselves with various specialists, her surgeon, many who gave her some names of natural remedies, but nothing. The agony lasted a full 3 years. A few weeks after the 3rd birthday, we play and Joka starts to hold her eyes, her head, cry, scream, and I don't know how to calm her down. My husband and I are taking her straight to the children's clinic, with all the bunch of findings we have. The doctor quickly takes her over, does a bunch of tests, places her in the department with me and says she'll be there as soon as the results are over. Eternity passed in those 20 minutes. She says that there is bad news, that the left eye is blind and that the nerve is dead, that the eye has no salvation, and that the right eye is reduced by about 90%, that this is all a consequence of the ablation that she has already operated on, and then we find out that we were right after all that something was going on. She again received ablation and that the only salvation was surgery in Greece, at a clinic in Glyfada. We contacted them, sent all the findings, the doctor helped us with the preparations and we went there in November 2013.

Jovana was reopened. The doctors there told us that there was no salvation in the left eye, that there was permanent blindness, and that the right eye was done and that there would be improvement over time. That time lasted for a full 10 months and her vision on the "living eye" improved by about 25%, so she saw about 35% to the right. They said that they had done everything about medicine and that they could do nothing further. Thank you to the doctors in Athens and for all the hard work and wonderful memories they made during our stay there. But I said there had to be a way and I was getting ready to look for it until I found it .. it didn't matter anymore whether it was medicine, nature, everything I heard, I had to check.

Then, by chance, from my colleague I hear about Forever Living. He tells me that there are people who have resolved vision problems with these products. I listen to him, go home, read everything he gave me, read all night long all over the internet what I found about the effect of the drug on similar diseases and wake my husband at midnight and tell him that I'm convinced that "this Aloe" will help her , because it helps around the world. It was Saturday, I called a colleague at 7 in the morning, woke him up, apologized, said I wanted to see him as soon as possible and talk about the products, what should, how he should. See you, I brought all the findings he asked me. We apologized, he took the findings to the doctors at this company and told me that she should take Aloe Berry Nectar 3 times a day, take Forever Vision tablets and drop in both eyes of Aloe Activator several times during the day.

We started. The first instillation into the "dead" eye resulted in a strong roast, which was strange to us, and we were told that there was hope, because if it had died a nerve, it would have had no reaction. We went on with everything they told us. The first checkup after 3 months with an ophthalmologist was: Reduced blurring of the left eye with no signs of vision repair. Right eye very dimmed lens opacity, eye bottom neat, macula without edema, incision after vitrectomy fused without adhesions. Right eye vision in improvement. Imagine my luck.

We moved on, added Forever Kids vitamins and the results went down. It passed on the 5th birthday and around New Year 2015/2016, followed by another check that showed a revitalization of the "dead" eye and a vision of about 40%, as well as an improvement in the vision of the right eye that was 70%.

There is no condition and illness in me and my family that are not treated by nature, Aloe and Forever Living Products. Good luck to the doctors, the progress of medicine, but in our case it did not give much results. Ristic family is proud of the success, Jovana also, we are free to say the true ambassadors of Forever. THANK YOU!!!

Ristic Aleksandra & Jovana
Ristic Aleksandra i JovanaOversatisfied user of Forever Living

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